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The batmaking benchmark© label seals our manufacturing promise: it tells you what you need to know about the origins of a cricket bat and certifies that a Salix has been handmade by us at every single stage, so quality has permeated through every strand, combining to create the best product.

We believe that truly outstanding cricket bats are originally and independently manufactured. Our unique workshops in Kent make the bats from the cleft right through to final labelling. From cleft to blade, then blade to bat, each process is by Salix hands only. From the very first pass of the cleft through our planer thicknesser to the last taping of the grip, we refine and filter through production. The blade is being continually graded and performance constantly intensified.

This is not the easiest way to produce bats, and absolutely not the most cost efficient. It is also incredibly rare - there are only a tiny handful of professional batmakers even completing the entire process. But we believe that this is the way to reward players' investment in a truly handmade bat, that this is what professional batmaking should mean.

Performance starts from the cleft.



 Salix Original

In keeping with our manufacturing ethos, we design every possible element of our ranges in house. Our labels, which we hope communicate how much time and skill have gone in to each bat, are designed by us entirely. Our bags, pads and gloves are drawn down to the last detail before being passed to the most specialist manufacturers. The result is equipment which is never generic, but original and motivated solely by quality, performance and design excellence.

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