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Caring for your Cricket Bat

Salix bats are very carefully hand made to perform; they are made within the laws of the game, from wood (willow) which offers the best combination of durability and lightness. They are not indestructible. Like any artisan, handmade product manufactured from natural raw materials, they need to be prepared and looked after, so that they can reward the owner with performance and supreme enjoyment at the crease. We would therefore ask you to read the guidance below to get the best from your bat and to help should your bat sustain damage which needs our attention. When you purchase a Salix you are not just buying a bat, but the craftsmanship behind it.

Preparation & Maintenance

Care and maintenance for a Salix bat is simple – the bat needs oil, patient knocking in and anti-scuff facing for at least the first season.

Bats should be checked regularly for any damage which can be repaired with wood glue (pva) or advice sought from your stockist. At the close of the season the bat should be oiled and any remedial work undertaken. Bats well prepared and looked after will repay you with performance and longevity.

Cricket is a demanding game; balls are often excessively hard, and generally the softest element whenever a ball is trapped is the bat itself. Damage is part of the game; wear and tear is both normal and inevitable. But regular maintenance and prompt attention to any damage will keep your bat performing and dependable.

For full detail on care and maintenance, please download:

Salix Bat Care Guidance (pdf)

If in any doubt then please contact your stockist who will offer advice, guidance and support.


The most important thing is not to panic if your bat sustains damage – cricket bats are made of wood and they will show evidence of wear and tear at any stage, this is part of the game.

Manufacturing flaws are very rare and the majority of all damage is repairable; we stand by our manufacturing and will generally repair bats. Our repairs carry the same warranty as our manufacturing.

If your bat needs attention, please contact your stockist who will help with advice, their own minor repair service or forward the bat to us for assessment. If you prefer to return directly to us, then please download the following guidance, plus a form to include with your bat:

Salix Bat Return Form (pdf)

We will confirm receipt within a few days and aim to carry out repair work within 10 to 15 working days. Inevitably production becomes very busy throughout the spring, so we always recommend returning bats for service at the close of the season.

We manufacture to the highest standards and follow this through with a repair service available throughout the bat’s life. The majority of all repairs are totally effective and will not compromise the bat’s life or performance.


We guarantee Salix bats against manufacturing flaws for 12 months from the date of purchase. Bats must be returned with proof of purchase to support any claim under warranty. Failure to adhere to Salix recommendations can affect this guarantee, which excludes normal wear and tear, accidental damage, deliberate damage or misuse and material alteration completed by a third party.

Willow and cane are natural raw materials used by Salix in accordance with the laws of the game; these raw materials naturally deteriorate with use and cannot be impervious to the effects of poor quality balls, mistimed shots/yorkers, tapping, general wear and tear etc. As a result it is impossible for any manufacturer to give a fixed period of longevity to a cricket bat.

If any damage occurs, the bat must be returned promptly to us or to the retailer for advice. Minor repairs can easily be completed, whereas leaving damage unattended until beyond repair may be construed as neglect. Repairs completed within the Salix 12 month guarantee may be completed free of charge, but every bat is assessed individually. Cosmetic work, subsequent repairs and servicing are usually chargeable, but quoted before any repair work is carried out.

Our aim is to look after the bats and our customers with prompt, effective repair work in combination with clear advice on preparation and maintenance, throughout the lifespan of the bat.

This guarantee exists in addition to your statutory rights.

Salix currently offers a direct, bespoke mail order service (salix@source) in supplement to our workshop appointments. For full terms and details of this, including your rights of cancellation and return, please email office@salixcricketbats.com

Thank you.