Salix values


Our values as a company are to be as independent as possible, to be transparent in our manufacturing and to support British employees and suppliers. We are committed to the following key ethics:

• processing all senior bats from cleft to finish

• handling all clefts individually at every stage

• hand making and finishing with no CNC* shaping

• investing in local people: training and supporting our team and therefore keeping the craft alive through apprenticeships

• designing every element of our product range in house (denoted by the 'salix original' logo)

• sourcing all clefts, labels, grips, facing and packaging locally, working with UK suppliers wherever possible

• working with sustainable, renewable raw materials

• heritage not nostalgia: harnessing our experience and expertise to continually develop cricket bat making

• ex salice Præstantia ~ excellence from willow

* CNC shaping accounts for the majority of all other UK produced cricket bats, reducing hand operated processes and individual treatment of the cleft, blade and bat, i.e. mass production.

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