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ex salice Præstantia

As we go into our 30th year, authenticity and craftsmanship remain fundamental to Salix, but at the heart of every layer of our batmaking is the pursuit of performance. The bats are balanced and finished to look and feel sublime, but their very purpose and their absolute value, is in how they play. We are totally committed to refining and intensifying performance: nothing plays quite like a Salix.

By keeping our manufacturing in house, individual and cnc free, we still offer a uniquely artisan quality product on a global sports stage. Each and every bat is by its nature a limited edition, limited in quantity by the hands that make it and by the individuality of the cleft of willow. Our job is to ensure the best possible outcome from each blade and maximum reward for the player at any grade.

To celebrate our 30 years, we have designed our 2020 pared-back labels to showcase the willow, the profile and the finish, but as you lift the bat the detail reveals itself, intricate patterning in precious metallics. These are bats to treasure but also to smash sixes and to enjoy. Time is precious, and as a batsman, time at the crease even more so…make it count.

excellence from willow

...nothing else is made like a Salix, looks like a Salix, or plays like a Salix...

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