Salix bat repair, restoration & remodelling

As our batmaking is totally in-house, so our repairs have always been: our makers are also expert repairers and restorers. We have always completed essential repairs and refurbishments both in and out of warranty* for non-Salix bats as well as our own, so please find some guidance below on refurbishment costs from our workshop for any bat in need of attention, whether annual service, repair or reworking.

All bat repairs completed by Salix benefit from experienced and individual assessment, repair work and finishing. Our aim is to prolong and enhance the life of any bat and to improve its feel wherever necessary and/or possible. We assess each bat carefully to ensure that the right work is carried out and that the bat has a good prognosis. We believe in repairing bats, but we would never advise spending money on a bat unless we consider it worthwhile.

Our full refurbishments have always been especially successful as the effect of a full Salix repair, sand and finish results in the bat returning closest to its original state (better sometimes if updated labels applied). Our finish is second to none and we take the same pride in our repairs as in our batmaking.

During full refurbishment, bats will naturally and necessarily lose weight through the various sanding processes to refinish the bat as new, therefore minor weight reductions can normally be incorporated into this, especially with our own bats.

For more extensive customising, we offer a full ‘remodelling’ service which effectively re-makes a bat to tailor it to you, or to adjust should your game or requirements change. A misjudged purchase, or hand-me-down bat can be immeasurably improved through a combination of reprofiling, repressing, rebalancing and reworking a handle, getting the full Salix treatment to bring out the very best in the blade.

If you would like to bring in a bat needing attention, then please just call or email to let us know when to expect you. If too far away then please feel free to send the bat(s) in to us with a copy of our returns form and we will be in contact on receipt.

Service level Guide to work involved  Workshop 
workshop preparation for new bats: Bat Wax (Salix® linseed wax polish) & anti-scuff sheet applied £16.50
knocking-in expert knocking-in: edges boned, two coats of linseed oil or Bat Wax & anti-scuff sheet applied £30.00
refurbishment partial no repair work needed: playing area resanded leaving original labels, new anti-scuff sheet & new grip fitted £26.50
refurbishment repair full repair work: all necessary repairs, playing area resanded leaving original labels, new anti-scuff sheet & new grip fitted £36.50
refurbishment full fully repaired & refurbished as new: stripped down, fully repaired and repressed as necessary; completely resanded, rebound, repolished, relabelled, refaced & regripped £52.50
rehandle bespoke rehandle: bat completely stripped, removal & resplicing of new handle, full repair & full refurbishment as new £59.50
remodelling bespoke remaking as new: encompassing benchwork, reprofiling, weight reduction, reshaping, rebalancing, full repair & full refurbishment as new £62.50
Carriage charges carriage: next day DPD delivery to UK mainland addresses £8.95


- toe guards are not fitted as standard, but can be included, please ask for further details

- all bats are assessed and priced individually using the above as guidelines

- a surcharge of 10% normally applies to non-Salix bats which contributes towards extra time needed to adapt our processes (eg customising splicing jigs); where issues are found in the bat's manufacturing this may also impact upon cost but will be pre-advised

- refurbishment as new means as close to new as the bat's core state allows, some residual marks may remain even after professional resanding & repolishing but the result will be the best possible for a pre-loved bat

- non-Salix bats can be left unlabelled, or labels can be chosen from our comprehensive back-catalogue of labels as stock allows

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