• Brand:: Salix
  • Product Code: 1BAT011AMPJNR
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  • £220.50

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model grade size  finish SSP Salix Price
Amp Finite Harrow natural £245.00 £220.50
Finite Six, Five, Four natural £245.00 £220.50
  • the Amp interpreted into a Salix made junior of the highest quality
  • traditional rounder face with profiled pressing
  • classical bowed pressing, rerunning through the driving area
  • sculpted profile sanded for fullest back
  • fuller right through the edge to the shoulders
  • concentration of wood in middle and edges
  • traditional face for absolute strength and control
  • dominant, flared edges
  • deep, long bow
  • mid to low driving area
  • large all-encompassing driving area
  • angled toe for protection
  • pronounced, traditional oval handle
  • for accomplished, versatile players
  • new pared back labels in relief patterned white with citrine accents
  • Harrow to Four in Finite grade
  • highest level of English artisan batmaking: individually handmade by Salix

The Amp, as its name suggests, is all about amplified profile, power and control. It has a huge, all-encompassing driving area created by a fullness which runs right from the shoulder down into the toe. Sharing this dramatically full shape with the AJK, the Amp however is traditionally pressed with slightly rolled edges to amplify control as well as power. Understated in labelling but still very signature-Salix detailed in its relief patterning with citrine highlights. This is a stunning new Salix which will deliver at the crease.

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