For 2021, our new range of bats includes the new white ‘Amp’, making a four bat range which is derived from two different shapes, then split over two different manufacturing schemes to produce two pairs of bats differentiated by their pressing and profiles:

Amp (traditional face, oval handle) & AJK (flat face, semi-oval handle): large, all-encompassing, mid to low driving area; full edges right through up into shoulders

Pod (traditional face, oval handle) & SLX (flat face, semi-oval handle): mid, deep, targeted driving area; full edges tapering towards shoulders

Each bat carries these pared-back SALIX labels which are designed to showcase our manufacturing: the willow, profile and finish, but as you lift the bat the detail reveals itself, intricate patterning in precious metallics. These are bats to treasure but also to smash sixes and enjoy.

As this last year especially has shown us, time is precious, and as a batsman, time at the crease even more so… make it count.